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Sweater Weather Box (Starter)

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Are you soothed by the sound of rain on a roof? The distant rumble of thunder on a summer day? Us too! We curated this rainy day box filled with artisan products from makers all across the country for those afternoons wrapped in a sweater waiting for a soft rain.

The first item in this box is a rustic wooden tray by Del Hutson Designs made entirely out of reclaimed barn wood from Texas. For your herbal tea with a friend, two hand-thrown mugs from Barbara Robertson Pottery that are fired in her own home studio. To fill those mugs, the finest milled teas from Akron Tea Company in Ohio to warm and calm you. And lastly, the hand-poured, artisan “Sweater Weather” candle from Woodfire Candle Company delivers a beautiful fragrance and a warm glow.

We know you’ll love this box as much as we do. It comes with free shipping and all the love we can muster.

The “Sweater Weather” Box Includes:
    • A reclaimed barn wood tray (13″x 20″)
    • Two hand-thrown pottery mugs
    • Two boxes of hand-collected tea (Pennsylvania Breakfast and Apple)
    • A “Sweater Weather” candle
  • "Because most artisanal products are made to order, creation and shipping time may vary from a few days to a few weeks. Please contact us with any questions or concerns."