Akron Tea House

Hand Ground Applejack Tea

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It’s A Tea Party in a Box!

Many a box of tea, to some extent, helped found America. Our disputes over its price and who sets it and how was at the core of our argument for independence. American tea is bold, with soothing traditional flavors and strong tastes. A purveyor of – I think- some of the finest loose leaf teas around is Akron Tea House, from Akron Ohio. Their teas are hand selected and made from only the best leaves and spices. Their flavor is perfect for a cool glass when iced, or to ward off the chilly nights of the fall and winter.

Tea Stats

Each box of these teas comes with ten bags, each hand assembled, to be brewed hot. Icing can occur after brewing, but know that steeping too long can make a strong flavor indeed! The boxes are small, only about 4×4, come in at only a few ounces, and the tea bags are sealed in plastic for freshness.


We, of course, suggest a beverage container for any beverage, and so would recommend this hand-thrown pottery mug by Barbara Robertson Pottery. And nothing like a beverage to help you collect your thoughts while writing in your sumptuous, embossed page, faux leather Ghost Journal, all while snugged under a cozy sweater blanket.

Why We Love Akron Tea House

Based in eastern Pennsylvania, Akron Tea House is a micro tea company focused on creating hand-blended teas using only the finest quality ingredients from all over the globe. We’re proud to partner with a brand that offers only USDA certified organic, natural and/or organic compliant ingredients. Akron Tea House offers a wide range of beautiful blends. Sabrina loves the Caramel Chai, Spiced Orange, and Vanilla Grey.

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