Ghost Journal

Ghost Journal

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The first thing that grabs you about the Ghost Journal is the cover. A rich feeling, faux vegan leather, it's supple and soft; it's an absolute joy to carry in your hands. When you open it up, that's where the magic happens.

Then it strikes you: rather than standard lines, the pages are smooth and clear, like drawing paper. The stock is thick and satisfying, and takes the ink like professionally produced stationary.

When you touch, it, you notice the feel. Embossed with lines in the page, you realize the writing lines are actually pressed into the paper, giving a stimulating tactile experience every time you run your fingers across it.

For the cost of a boring, generic equivalent, the Ghost Journal provides a luxurious, pleasurable feel for any writing need- journaling, art, doodling, note taking, research, or hobby.

It's time to upgrade your writing experience.

Journal is 6 x 8, with 96 pages

Cover is faux leather.

Please note that this item, while unique, is NOT hand made but developed in the US.

"Because most artisanal products are made to order, creation and shipping time may vary from a few days to a few weeks. Please contact us with any questions or concerns."