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Artisanal Soap - Rose

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A Fresh Start Daily

Unlike SOME Roses we know, this bar really will never let go (and would also totally share her door with Jack in the freezing ocean). This delicate, classic scent will linger on your skin all day, leaving you feeling like a Victorian goddess ready to be sketched in your finest piece of jewelry.

We don't often think about the lonely bar of soap in our shower, but what other home product do you use so close to your skin everyday? Shouldn't something so intimate and personal reflect who you are as much as any other piece in your home? Antiquity Bath & Body Soaps, made by Julie, are crafted from ingredients she'd only want for her own sensitive skin. Essential Oils, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil- natural ingredients designed to have the greatest benefit for your skin.

  • Each bar is approx. 5-6 oz.
  • Free Shipping!
  • Bars out of stock can be ordered, and may take 1-3 weeks to fulfill based on curing process
  • Made with natural ingredients whereever possible
  • Some aromas are synthetic
  • Ingredients used may include rice bran oil, coconut oil, olive oil, sustainable palm oil, lye, shea butter, caster oil, fragrance oil, essential oil, colorants

Every soap needs a home, so start with our ceramic soap dish for a vintage flair. Turkish Towels will help keep your newly- smooth skin from drying out, while this rustic reclaimed barnwood shelf gives you a place to store everything!

Why We Love Antiquity Bath and Body

Each bar made by Julie of Antiquity is a hand crafted, using only the finest high end soap making materials. She started making them for her own family, and so it's easy to think of each bar as a gift of love. As a preschool administrator, she knows how important the health of each of our loved ones is, and puts that care and attention to detail into every bar. 

"Because most artisanal products are made to order, creation and shipping time may vary from a few days to a few weeks. Please contact us with any questions or concerns."