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Turkish Alabaster Bowl

Sadly it arrived shattered in many prices. The person to whom I gifted it said it probably was very pretty

Unsure…. But I think I’ll love it!

Not what I expected but certainly came exactly as described ~ unfinished! Needs some TLC ~ and really looking forward to personalizing it. Another great item from Hart & Hess!


I can't believe how much goodness was packed into such an amazing price! The sign is huge, love it! Twinkle lights for all seasons, the metal snowflake garland is perfect for hanging on the mantle and the white-cream garland can also be used all year.

Great winter box

I loved the items selected for the winter box! The items are all beautiful winter pieces that can be left out the entire season and are not limited to a specific holiday. I love that Hart & Hess uses so many artisan pieces made by small businesses!

Super Soaps!

Love these soaps! Wonderful mix of fragrances. I almost hate to use them - the names and descriptions on the wrapping are hysterical! Will definitely buy again.

Winter Box

The box was a nicely curated farmhouse winter


They look great in our living room.

Great items

I just received the December box and I love each item! I love the distressed tree the most. Each box I get surprises and impresses me. Each item isn't something I would have picked for myself, but I end up loving them. I love that they use small businesses and artisans to send out unique items that aren't mass produced.

Handy item!

Originally planned to use it for decoration, it’s already done duty as storage, crafts bag, tote, grocery bag and more. We’ll made and attractive. Love the thing!

Mystery Box
Kim Ferguson Ferguson
Love the Mystery Box

It contained many of some of my favorite pieces!!

Mystery Box
Christine Curl

Mystery Box

Mystery Box
Randee Ball
Great value

I bought the mystery box on a whim and was pleasantly surprised with how much I liked the items. I was sure I might get a dud or 2 but I liked everything, especially the hand forged metal angel that makes for a beautiful Christmas decoration. All items felt like high quality. A great value for the price I paid.

Finishing Touches Box
Tamilyn Dupaquier
Excellent quality

Beautiful well made decor that can be used for years to come.


The items appear to be good quality. Not at all my taste but pretty. I signed up for 6 months so I am hoping the future boxes will be more to my taste.

Mystery Soap Box
Christine Curl

Mystery Soap Box

Handcrafted Pine Lazy Susan

Love it

First Box

I was very impressed with the quality of the items in the box! Can't wait for the next one

Amazing Subscription

Amazing products and some of my new favorite everyday items have come from this subscription. Communication from Hart and Hess is stellar!! You won't be disappointed!

Hart Hess

While I love the concept of what you all are doing, the products just aren’t really my style


I love these boxes, especially to freshen up a room. The only thing I dont like are the picture type accessories and there was 2 in my last box.

Hart & Hess Home Box- 6 Month Subscription

July Box

July was my first box and I love it!! Thoughtfully packaged, great pieces!!

Beautiful bowl

It adds a little touch of nature to my office. I love it.