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Upgrade your home with pieces from our hand-vetted list of artisans!

Every artisan is hand selected

We've worked with an sent out products from every artisan on this list. We stand by their work 100% and come back regularly for pieces for our Home Box subscription decor box.

Here's a sample of some of our favorites

Just a taste of what you'll find on this list:

Linen Prints

Wood Wick candles

woven macrame

Meet one of our artisans and learn about his craft

He's spent years growing his small business and has done amazing work with us!

frequently asked questions

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Why are we giving away our list?

Because the core mission of Hart & Hess is to connect customers with artisans who provide beautiful and unique home decor.  We do this mostly with our Home Box home decor subscription.

Are you really not making any money?

Nope. No cuts, percentages, or kick backs. We want the artisans to make money, and give you just a taste of the kinds of rustic decor we offer our subscribers!

Any discount codes?

Not unless you're a subscriber! Our subscribers save 5%-30% with our partner artisans (still not cut for us, though! 😆)