About Us

"He was a teacher", notes Sabrina. "She was a property manager," Matt offered. Neither of them grew up wanting to be business owners, but after ten years in their respective professions, "we both knew it was time for a change."


Two people.

One passion.

It Started With Passion

Sabrina Hart, a former property management professional, and Matt Hess, a former history teacher, have always possessed a passion for unique, locally-made goods, accents, and home decor. After over a decade in their respective fields, they both realized they wanted to pursue their passion full-time. 


While they discussed the framework of the company, the heart that they envisioned wasn’t quite there yet. All they knew was they wanted to create a business that did good, a business that could give back to the community--but the 'what' of that business still eluded them.

About Us

The “What”

After initially focusing on curated, pre-selected collections of decor, they realized that their approach wasn’t broad enough. They weren’t exposing their customer base to as many of the amazing small makers, artisans, and fair trade companies as they would have liked. Bottom line, Sabrina and Matt felt they weren’t doing enough good. 


 Ultimately, Sabrina and Matt conceived of a marketplace for people to share in their vision. A place for folks who wanted original, handcrafted goods, and stylish decor that supported small businesses, makers, and fair trade companies, but don’t have the time to search for themselves.

About Us

Products That Do Good

Sabrina and Matt are passionate about supporting and celebrating local makers and craftsmen in the U.S. and around the world. They personally source every item in the Hart & Hess marketplace. Their goal is to always source products that give back to local communities, whether in the U.S. or abroad. 

About Us

At Hart and Hess, their goal is offer products that do good, and be a company that gives back.