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Boho How To

My personal challenges during our Boho Style Celebration is taking my love for all things Boho eclectic and applying it in the real world, including my home. Have I mentioned that my home is sort of a traditional/farmhouse aesthetic? Because it is. It is very NOT...

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Intro to Boho

Maybe it’s age. Maybe I’ve lived in the California desert too long. Maybe it’s just the general direction decor is trending, but confession (and this is a big confession) ...I think there might be more to life than the Farmhouse Style. *GASP* Don’t get me wrong! There...

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Meet Our Makers: Colonial Mills

One of the biggest challenges at Hart and Hess is our constant search for new makers and new products to add to our store who value the same things that we do: quality, handmade, American products that can enhance any space and add a touch of style. Colonial Mills,...

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