Chunky Knit Moreno Wool Blanket by SarahLouCo

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When you curl up under the thick, luxurious softness of our SarahLou Moreno Wool Blankets, you'll wonder how you ever lived without one. Even the coldest nights stand no chance in the face of the fluffy warmth of this blanket. And, on top of it all, it's a perfect blanket for that quick Instagram room pic!

Artisan Sarah Lou Collins has been hand weaving these gorgeous pieces for years, and her skill at her craft is second to none. Each thick strand of wool is loving knit together into a sumptuous throw of the highest quality.

Moreno Wool Blankets-

- Keep their thick volume because of the long woolen strands.

-  Are incredibly soft, with each individual fiber no thicker than a human hair.

- Have thinner fibers also mean less scratching and itching

- Are considered the most premium of wools, and are used only in the finest wool products

Treat yourself today to lavish, comfy snuggles that feels amazing, looks luxurious, and makes you feel great!

Care Instructions:

Because of how the wool is held together, washing these blankets will cause them to fall apart. Do NOT wash. Instead, spot clean or dry clean


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