What We Believe

What We Believe

There’s something exceptionally freeing about starting your own business, even a small one. Terrifying, disconcerting, uncomfortable, yes, but also freeing. Most of you know the constraints of the 9-5 slog in America- do more with less more quickly without time off. And it’s an avalanche that starts with a single snowball:L you stay late one day, or work half a saturday, and the next thing you know you’re putting in extra hours for the same pay.

It wears on you. I know. We’ve been there.

Hart & Hess is our attempt to combat that. We both took the step of walking away from jobs that we both excelled at but found to be ultimately toxic. Now we create an atmosphere at work that gives us flexibility, challenges, and we find rewarding. It’s funny because of mundane tasks that before I couldn't stand, like putting a spreadsheet together, is now an enjoyable experience. And when we’re not working, we’re able to devote time and energy to pursuits that add value to our lives.

It’s because we know that we offer what we do. Time is precious and spending it on refreshing a space, even if you enjoy it, is time spent away from other things. Precious things, like family, hobbies, responsibilities, and making progress towards what we value. Even if we can’t make your job more fulfilling or easier, we can help make one tiny corner of your life feel relaxing and inviting with the least amount of effort possible.

More importantly, we want to support those of us who have taken the same plunge and started the business as creators. Small businesses are the future of jobs and manufacturing in America. Gone are the days of factory floors teeming with hundreds of well-paid union jobs making mountains of American goods. Now American makers are in home shops, small industrial spaces, and urban locales producing the quality we used to expect from all the products we bought.

We want to bring these products to you. We want you to know that when you buy from us, we’re supporting American jobs whenever possible. Some things just aren’t made here anymore, and we accept that. But whether it’s a North Carolina textile company, a New York weaver, or a Texas woodworker, your money is being used to support your neighbors. These are people that might be your friends or colleagues. They have taken the leap of faith and put everything on the line to follow a dream and craft something unique and valuable.

Even when we can’t buy American, we make sure whenever possible that the people making our products are making a living wage that helps support their family and community.

It’s a cycle we’ve come to be a very proud part of. You work hard. We want to help you make sure your hard earned money is going towards other people who work hard. We want to enable to best America can produce and support our growing home manufacturing economy.

Because ultimately, when we work together, we all become greater in the end.

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