What to Consider When Decorating Your Bedroom

What to Consider When Decorating Your Bedroom

Getting your bedroom designed the way you want is so exciting! Not only are you lucky enough to have your own room, but you get to let your imagination run with creativity. There are some design principles you should keep in mind as you plan everything out.

Leave Room for Storage

Sometimes people get so carried away with all the furniture and wall decorations that they forget about the practical stuff. Your room should have plenty of room for storage, so your stuff isn’t cluttering up the whole place. Storing your things in a closet, underneath your bed, or in your dresser can help you appreciate the room’s finer details.

Buy furniture that you like, but that can function as storage. According to Expand Furniture, multipurpose furniture is becoming increasingly popular to help people with limited space. You can find couches, beds, and desks that have drawers attached for light storage. This is helpful when getting your room organized.

Give it a Piece of Your Personality

Obviously, it can’t be your room without representing your interests. According to Pierce Design + Build, out of all the rooms in a home, your bedroom should most fit your personality and style. But what does this mean exactly?

Most of it comes down to your choice of furniture and design elements. Pick things that you like (We recommend the Home Box to help with that). Choose colors that stand out to you (or that are your favorites). If you are passionate about something, decorate your bedroom around that idea. Hobbies should be a primary focus when decorating your room. Lastly, you should think about how to decorate your walls. Do you want a paint job? Posters? Art? The choice is yours.

Think Long-Term

The best piece of advice you could be given is to think long-term when decorating your room. Don’t make any permanent choices that may cause someone to not want your home. Avoid super unnatural room colors like neon pink, orange, or lime green. Even though you may like them, according to MyMove, it’s better to add these colors to your room by other means.

Avoid making major renovations (or any renovations) to an apartment you are renting. If you do, you could be held liable for damages and can get into some legal trouble. Long-term problems can come from temporary happiness.

When all is said and done, your room is your room. You can design it however you want! Design it around your personality, your passions, and your preferences. The room is your oyster!

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