We're still getting things up and running here, but I wanted to introduce myself. I'm Matt Hess, CEO of Hart & Hess. Alongside my sister Sabrina, we're trying to change, ever so slightly, the way busy people style their homes.

Time and energy go into making a space your own. And sometimes, we don't have enough of either to do it. We're hoping to make it easier to find the style you want for the room you want and in one order add those "finishing touches" that make space feel fresh, cozy, and "you".

Eventually, this blog will host stories, advice, tips, and tricks to help you spruce up your home and connect with our emerging community.

While we're under construction here, find us on Facebook by clicking the icons on the bottom of the home page, and feel free to sign up for email updates!

We look forward to meeting all of you!

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Angela Heil on

I was given a code for a discount for signing up my email and can’t remember what it is..can you tell me what it is please, thank you

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