Meet Our Makers: Snoogs and Wilde

Meet Our Makers: Snoogs and Wilde

What’s In A Name?

When you start a business, the experts tell you to go for something that represents your product, and catches the attention of customers- and it helps to be unique! Sarah Martinez seems to have taken this last bit of advice especially to heart with her store Snoogs and Wilde. With a business name that stands out as much as hers, we had to make it the first thing we asked about when we got a chance to sit down and ask. The answer, like her art, was refreshing and adorable.

A “Wilde” Youth

Before Sarah opened her store in 2011, she cast about trying to find the perfect fit for her. From yoga instructor to real-estate agent to western philosophy student, she had the chance to explore many of her interests, but told us that she” just wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do!”

It was sage advice from her mom, and a lifetime interest in art, that gave her the push into becoming a full time artist. For years, her mother had tried to convince her to share her art with others instead of just painting for herself. The internet also helped make it possible, allowing her to reach a broad audience. So when it came time to name her business, Sarah relied on the nicknames she and her mother shared- Snoogs for her, and Wilde for her mom. We love it.

“If I create from the heart, nearly everything works…” -Marc Chagall

Sarah’s art is as eclectic as they come: abstract color pieces, nature inspired prints  (My favorite is the whale print! -Matt), rugs, minimalism, and a host of other subjects. So what inspires her?

She tries to paint daily, “one, because I love it,” she laughs, and the other because painting every day “helps keep me fresh.” After spending a day managing the site, the orders, the marketing, and everything else- “There’s always some kind of algorithm at work, and I never understand the stuff,”it gives her drive to dive into her painting.

She's mostly in love with colors, and the form comes second. It might be a fish, or a feather- but ultimately the form comes second to her palate. And her subjects continue to evolve, she says. “With all of the shared inspiration from visual media like Pinterest and Instagram, artists, designers, makers etc are saturated in each other's versions of beauty by the minute. Of course that fact highlights the importance of authenticity and originality.  My take on it is to paint what excites and inspires me. My process is everything, it's where the magic happens so whether the subject matter is trendy or unique or outdated, it doesn't matter much so long as my heart is in the work - my voice comes through.

She’s passing the love of art on to her two sons, ages 2 and a half and 7, moving them from Brooklyn to Connecticut so they can experience the same “Woodsy, outdoors childhood I had” and gain a deeper appreciation for the palette of nature. Her 7 year old loves to come into the studio and paint. “He’ll choose a creature out of the smithsonian natural history books and get started.” We’re 100% certain he’s going to be as great as his mom.

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