Intro to Industrial Decor

Intro to Industrial Decor

Okay, hang in there with me for a second. I know what you’re thinking. Industrial decor? NOW? Do you realize what year it is, Sabrina? Uhm, hi. The years 2012 through 2015 called and they’d like their design aesthetic back.

Except. EXCEPT! The influence of industrial decor can be seen today--right now!

The beauty of industrial decor lies in its radical concept: Revolution. Reinvention. Reimagination. The Industrial decor concept encourages us to see and appreciate the history of a space, finding beauty in its storied past.

After the slow wane of the US industrial revolution in the early to mid 1900’s, many factories once filled to the brim with production machinery were now being converted into living spaces. Where once scarred buildings with exposed brick and ductwork might have been seen as an eyesore, artists and city dwellers saw a blank canvas with details rarely seen in new housing.

Rather than gut these abandoned factories and warehouses, artists and entrepreneurs of the 70s and 80s decorated right on top of the exposed brick, steel and wood. Older lighting was incorporated with newer art and furniture to create the fusion that is industrial style.

My favorite part about industrial decor is how transitional it can be. Exposed brick looks just as at home in a farmhouse as it does in a modern space. Open spaces in an industrial loft have become the gold standard for how we like our living spaces to be now (dangerous drinking game: take a sip of that merlot every time you hear the words “open living space” on HGTV).

In the next couple of weeks we’ll be exploring industrial decor--how it’s reflected in design aesthetics today, how to incorporate it into your home now in a way that is fresh and new, and where industrial decor is headed (because it’s going places, y’all).

I hope you’ll tag along!


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