Intro to Boho

Intro to Boho

Maybe it’s age. Maybe I’ve lived in the California desert too long. Maybe it’s just the general direction decor is trending, but confession (and this is a big confession) ...I think there might be more to life than the Farmhouse Style. *GASP*

Don’t get me wrong! There will always be a special place in my heart for all things rusty, chippy, and well-loved, but my design eye has started to wander just a teeny bit.

With a new year in full swing, I’m longing for everything new--crisp white walls, rich woods, textured rugs, fiddle leaf figs, and all thing eclectic.

So, basically Boho. I’m in love with everything Boho.

As a child of the mid-80’s to early 90’s, this doesn’t surprise me much. If you’re a thirty-something like me, you grew up during this weird period in time where design for your home and what you wore went through an insanely fast revolution (thanks, TV and Internet!). We were able to experience a huge sampling of genres and aesthetics.

Think about it. We grew up in the midst of 80’s vibrancy, which turned to early 90’s pastels, then 90’s grunge, which then became a mid-90’s nod to the 70’s (I made my own bell bottoms and I am NOT ashamed), which then morphed into a brief romance with 40’s era swing. By the early 2000’s, we had HGTV and shows like Trading Spaces to inspire us.

I can think of no better design aesthetic to artfully honor so many genres, so it’s no wonder the Boho aesthetic is so appealing.

Boho itself derives from the term Bohemian, which has been around for way longer than the 70’s when my Mom wore platforms and peasant dresses. For me, it immediately reminds me of the opera La Boheme (or the musical RENT, if you’re so inclined), and I’m instantly reminded of my late-teens self desiring to live freely without rule or convention. Boho design aesthetic is a lot like that--if you wanna be free, be free.

My favorite part about Boho decor is that there are no rules--not really. Boho is designed to be eclectic, so that when you design a space with an assortment of pieces everything has that effortlessly put together look (I know--easier said than done).

This week we’ll be taking a look at how to incorporate little touches of Boho in your home. I can’t wait to share some of my favorite “Boho-ie” things!


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