Boho How To

Boho How To

My personal challenges during our Boho Style Celebration is taking my love for all things Boho eclectic and applying it in the real world, including my home. Have I mentioned that my home is sort of a traditional/farmhouse aesthetic? Because it is. It is very NOT Boho.

My general advice when trying to incorporate a new design aesthetic into your home is to start small. Adding a piece here and there, or changing up a small space is an easy and cost-effective way to make a big impact over time.

Soooo...where do we start? Here are my suggestions:

boho rugs we love


Paint: The walls in all the big living spaces in my house are a shade of beige or this weird orangey tan color. Yuck. I can’t think of an easier way to transform the feel of my home than with paint. Changing things up to a crisp white instantly brightens a space (it’s like highlighter for your house!). Consider Sherwin Williams Pure White (SW 7005), Downy (SW 7002), or Alabaster (SW 7008) for a white with cool undertones, or the classic standby Dunn-Edwards Swiss Coffee (DEW341) for something a little warmer. Not ready to take the full plunge? Start with a small room first.

ALL the Rugs: Even layered over existing carpet, rugs add rich texture and can really ground a space. To quote a favorite movie, they really tie a room together. Rug patterns and colors are like art--different styles will appeal to different people. Find one that calls to you (you’ll know it when you see it!) and don’t be afraid of color! It’s liberating, I promise!

Give Me Art or Give Me Death!: Pops of color are always welcome in a Boho space. I am seriously digging all of the prints by artist Sarah Martinez of Snoogs & Wilde. We were lucky enough to partner with her and I highly recommend you check out her work. Might I suggest some of her botanical prints, her feathers, or her beautiful abstract prints (Or Matt likes her more nautical whale prints). Keep them in simple wooden frames with clean lines for a sleek, but colorful accent. I like black frames for a more modern finish, but it’s really up to you.

Wood Never Goes Out of Style: Classic, warm, inviting. Wood accents never go out of style. Warm things up and add another layer of texture by adding some wood floating shelves, an accent table, or modern chair. I will forever love these wood floating shelves from delHutson designs.

Somewhere That’s Green: There’s a reason Joanna Gaines calls herself a Crazy Plant Lady (hint: it’s because greenery is awesome). When working with a boho aesthetic, you can almost never have too much texture. Freshen your room with a tall fiddle leaf fig, or smaller potted plants like succulents, small aloe plants, or spiky cactus for some happy, springy texture.

Did I Mention Texture?: Be it wicker baskets, a chair, textured pillows, a throw, or something geometric on the wall. Layer your space like it’s the tallest, best dang cake you’ve ever made. Great. Now I want cake.

Pops of Sparkle: On some level, I think we’ve all got a little bit of magpie in us. We see something shiny, we must have it (that can’t just be me, right?). I love incorporating tiny pops of sparkle into spaces. For that boho feel, consider some gold or rose gold geometric shapes as little accent pieces, or a sleek brass lamp for a fun pop of shine

In my other life, I teach private voice lessons, and I’m hoping to incorporate ALL of this inspiration into my voice studio. I’ll keep you posted as I go!

Happy Boho-ing!


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