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  • How to Prepare Your Living Room for When Your Grandkids Come to Visit

    When your grandkids want to come visit, it is important that your home — specifically your living room — is as prepared as you are. The following are some tips to help you kid-proof that area.
  • How To Create Your Own Gallery Wall

    Gallery Walls have NO rules. No, really. There are NO rules. The beauty of a gallery wall is that it's just like art: each person will love something different in their home. Each gallery wall is unique, just as each space is unique, just as you are unique!
  • Three steps to a stylish bathroom

    The room most people spend the most time in that remains sadly ignored when redecorating? The bathroom. You spend a lot of time staring at the wall (or, let's be honest, your phone) showering, grooming, and whatnot. But usually we throw up some towels and walk away, never giving consideration to the lost opportunity to create a warm, comfortable space just for us.
  • Your Soap Hates You.

    It mean, it's not personal. It's just made that way.
  • Which Soap is best for your skin? Take our quiz!

    We offer over 40 soaps, but not every bar is a perfect fit. We'll make some suggestions after you take this short quiz!
  • Cracking the Clutter Conundrum

    I live my life among clutter. Vast seas of it. Oceans, even! I drift among waves of mail and things I haven’t put away since last Christmas.

    And I’m co-owner of a decor company.

    I need to get it fixed. But how? Do I just… start putting things away? Personally, I need a guide, so I went digging on the internet. Come along with me on my journey into the wilds of decluttering programs.

  • The Trouble With Rae Dunn Mugs

  • The Holidays Are Here. God Help Us.

  • A Soaping Story: Middle Sister Soaps

  • Style Guide: Minimalism and Maximalism

  • Go Homemade or Go Home

    There’s no place like home for the holidays, and no home is complete without homemade crafts. Make this holiday season a uniquely memorable experience by choosing handcrafted holiday décor over the run of the mill items you might find at a local décor store.