About Us

Matt and Sabrina are thrilled to be part of the thriving small business community in America and look forward to making your rooms come alive with style.

Hart & Hess

Matt Hess and Sabrina Hart are the siblings behind Finishing Touches. They know what it’s like to work a full work week and not have the time to search for stylish items to redecorate their homes.

Matt, a former history teacher, and Sabrina, a former Property Management professional, had “Instagram envy” for years as they stared at pictures of beautifully styled homes with unique decorations. They wished they had the time to put together “looks” for their rooms like the ones they saw on social media. But with little time in their busy professional schedules, dedicating the time to interior design was impossible.

In 2016, Sabrina and Matt opened Finishing Touches for people who were just like them: folks who wanted beautifully decorated rooms but didn’t have the time to commit to searching for decor and accents. Finishing Touches works tirelessly to curate quality, hand selected, limited edition products which complement each other. Then they carefully package them in a beautiful yet sturdy box and ship them to you, so you can add instant style to a room without any of the hassles.

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